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With a solid IT Service Management Framework and support structure in place alongside robust processes the historical headaches of IT can be all but eradicated.  Evaluating what the best structure could be for your business is where we can help.

Few businesses can operate without some sort of reliance on Information Technology.  At a fundamental level, this will involve:

  • PCs and laptops which work as and when they are required
  • Software identified and implemented to fulfil specific needs
  • Availability of new hardware for new starters
  • Printers which are accessible and functional
  • Infrastructure which is resilient, scalable and reliable

Historically this was provided by an in-house IT support team, often with a beleaguered IT Manager struggling to balance the demands of a Service Desk system, management who refuse to follow processes and a cursory eye on technology that they think could help the business, but only if they complete numerous papers for Senior Management explaining the costs and benefits of something which in truth, only they understand.

With your focus being on the direction of your business, as it should be, let us help you determine how your IT support can really give you a solid base to build from.  With our knowledge of local providers, it could be that your ultimate solution looks to outsource services and reduce costs…

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