IT Budgeting

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Information Technology is an Investment

From Project and Implementation budgeting through to annual IT budgets and tracking of spend, our tools will allow you to control your technology spend and monitor its operational cost savings.

Painful annual process or actualisation of a carefully crafted IT strategy and roadmap?  Few things strike fear into the heart of management as much as the inevitable annual practice of putting together and getting agreement on the following years’ budget and yet without it, the process of identifying and executing initiatives crucial to the department are all but impossible.  It is a critical document for taking priorities from concept though to execution.

A budget formalises and justifies each IT expenditure expected within the next financial year.  Without it, the department has no accurate visibility of future projects, no concrete indication of their likelihood of sign off and no idea of resource requirements which tend to be relatively inflexible in their capacity to flex up and down.

Hardware leases, hosting, fixed-term projects, staff costs, application costs and all need consideration for a budget to be accurate and realistic.  For anyone uncomfortable with numbers or loathe to endure the justification process that accompanies budgeting, it can be a difficult exercise, and the temptation can be to simply tweak last year’s budget, to succumb to arbitrary cuts.

A well developed and presented budget should be the numeric manifestation of your IT strategy that’s well communicated and understood by your peers. When done right, an IT budget should merely affirm what’s already been understood and should get approved with minimal pushback.

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