Business Process Mapping

business-process mapping, data integrity

Understanding the Journey

Implementing a new software system or changing a business’ operating processes are both Change Management exercises which, when handled correctly, should be completed without impact to standard operations.  Changing both at the same time is exponentially more difficult and without thorough Business Process Mapping can damage a business fundamentally.

As a business grows certain things are, in our experience, a given:

  • turnover increases
  • staff numbers rise
  • processes are subject to change, whether intentional or not
  • data integrity is challenged through disparity, transposition and human error
  • Management Information reporting become more critical, inversely proportional to the ability of the business to acquire it in a timely fashion

If foundational change is to occur which will support the business through its next growth phase, a thorough understanding of the actual and intended processes is needed.  Business Process Mapping fulfils this role and can be as complicated as mapping and modelling a nuclear power station or as simple as documenting a Small to Medium Enterprise’s (SME) Order to Cash Cycle.  The mapping of the current state processes (commonly known as ‘as-is’) is fundamental to the development of the future process cycle (or ‘to be’).  Previously undocumented and required application functionality can be identified through this process avoiding costly change management later on.

In simple terms, how can you get where you are going if you don’t know where you are?   

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