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Who we are

elucidate was established by our Managing Director, who, after working at an executive level in IT for many years, saw an opportunity to create a business with the aim of helping organisations who didn’t have a senior IT figure to work alongside the management team.

The definition of ‘elucidate’ is to make (something that can be hard to understand) clear, to offer clarity. Our core values reflect this with a personable yet highly professional service designed to help you see IT clearly.

Since our inception we have been working with rapidly growing local businesses, helping them to harness the power of IT to realise efficiencies, streamline business processes and concentrate on their core strengths.

With over two decades of experience in multi-industry, blue-chip level IT, the team at elucidate have been through most of the breakthroughs and technological step-changes to affect businesses.  Some trends have come and gone despite being heralded as game-changing early on.  Others have radically changed the way we do business despite being virtually unnoticeable to start with.

Our aim is to understand the technologies and capabilities that enhance businesses.  Once we understand your business, we can guide you through what is available to help you.  We are interested in understanding what your problems are because they are how we will help you get better.

Information Technology can be a minefield.  You have built a successful business by being good at, and understanding, what you do.  Let us help you get better with our understanding of what IT can do.

Our IT consultants will spend time with you and your leadership team, along with your Key Process Owners to allow us to understand your business sufficiently that we can detect what is needed and understand what is possible….to see your IT clearly.

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