Search Engine Optimisation

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Keyword Research

An important part of your search engine optimisation is your keyword research. We need to review the keywords that are on your site to see if your ranking highly on Google. Sometimes a keyword may rank high and have a low search volume, we can look into these and suggest keywords that are high ranking with a high search volume.

Search volume is extremely important when it comes to your keywords, you want to use keywords on your site that are actually being searched for by the general public.

In order to carry out your keyword research we will need access to your Google Analytics.

Initial Optimisation

Google ranks your website on a few different factors and your keywords are only part of it. We review your whole site to ensure that your website will be picked up by Google.

As part of our initial optimisation we will review your keywords, your website and suggest and make any changes we deem necessary. We will ensure that your website is running at an optimal speed, and that your keywords really are what your customers and clients are searching for.

We run your initial optimisation to ready your site for our ongoing optimisations.

Ongoing Optimisation

Our ongoing optimisation is highly focussed on getting your keywords ranking within Google. Our ongoing optimisation works closely with optimising your new blogs to make sure that your site is continuing to change and update.

If your website doesn’t change, Google thinks that nothing is happening on that site and doesn’t always rank as it should. This is why it’s important to continue your SEO efforts after the initial optimisation.

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