With our multi-industry experience spanning more than 20 years we have developed four solutions we believe every business should have a plan for.

business applications, data protection, data transfers, change management process, IT strategy


An application is a program designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks or activities for the benefit of the user. Let us help you understand which applications can help your users and your business find the efficiencies and cost-savings you know are there.

data security, IT disaster recovery


IT security is coming more and more to the fore with high-profile cyber-attacks, advanced malware and revised data protection regulations. Compliance and integrity do not have to be onerous and expensive but they do have to be effective.

data protection regulations, data transfers


The true power of data is realised through the ability to have one central source disseminated through an organisations’ applications to where it is needed at the right time. At elucidate we work with the concept of ‘one data’ with Integration utilised to deliver real value.

IT Strategy, business IT infrastructure


An effective, powerful and deliverable IT strategy should closely align to the operational strategy of the business over the same time frame. Without a full-time IT Director in your business, you need someone who understands what you do, where you plan to go and how you will get there.

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