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Integrated Strategies

Many businesses face the same issues, challenges and constraints around their IT provision, nuanced by the choices they have made since their inception.

An IT Director can be an expensive commodity and if working at the correct level within the organisation should be focussed on developing and deploying an IT strategy which aligns with the overall business strategy over a similar time frame.

Does that need to be a full-time role?  At elucidate we don’t think so and our aim is to work with small to medium businesses who may be missing out on the efficiencies, cost savings and benefits a cohesive IT strategy can deliver for them.

The application of a strategy for IT which closely aligns with an underlying business strategy is when IT really starts to create value and add relevance.

Technology is not a panacea to efficiencies, process improvements and cost-savings, but the linking of it to cohesive and realistic strategy is where its real value lies.

IT Strategy Development

Working with you and your Senior Management Team will allow us to understand your business to the level we need to for us to determine how your IT strategy can align with your plans for the business, over the same time-frame.  Our knowledge of the market, technology and our principle of keeping things simple where appropriate will ensure your IT is the foundation you can continue to grow your business on.

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Most of our customers already have their IT Support in place to ensure their computers work, printers print and networks are appropriately sized for their needs.  If you haven’t, we can recommend a strategy for how to take this forward either with a recommendation to one of our local outsourced support providers or by helping your HR team to establish role profiles for the staff you may wish to recruit to support you.

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When an organisation gets to a certain size there are issues which crop up again and again in our experience.  We have put together a set of standards which can help our customers adapt to these challenges with robust, simple processes that can be managed against.  Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel and a knowledge-based, practical approach can be eminently effective.

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IT Budgeting

When your IT strategy is realised and each element has been validated, signed off and merged into operational use you need to be sure that you are delivering the value and Return on Investment (ROI) that you initially expected.  From Project and Implementation budgeting through to annual IT budgets and tracking of spend, our tools will allow you to control your technology spend and monitor its operational cost savings.

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