Exam results and GDPR compliance – could it help you?

exams gdpr compliance

After the stress of revising for exams, whether GCSEs or A-Levels, followed by the additional pressure imposed by the wait for results, it’s inevitable that young people approach the day of receiving their results with some trepidation.  But what happens when you get your results if you find out you didn’t do quite as well as you expected to.

Do you have recourse?

Is it worth appealing?

What if you could find out how you had been marked and what comments had been made by the examiner?

Well, under last years’ regulations around GDPR compliance, you have the right to see any information held about you…

This means you can request information about you and your exam performance, including:

  • your mark;
  • comments written by the examiner; and
  • minutes of any examination appeals panels,

though you aren’t allowed to see your answers to the exam questions you completed.  Within their GDPR compliance, there is still protection for organisations.

To access the information held about you, you need to write to the place that holds the information.  This detail may be available from your school or college, or online.  It doesn’t have to be a written letter, an email is fine, but make sure you keep a record of when you made the request, this is important.

The response time for acting on a Subject Access Request (for this is what you have issued) is one month, typically this would apply from your request date, as long as the exam results have already been published.  The GDPR itself and resultant GDPR compliance for organisations means that the mark you were awarded by the examiner must be recorded accurately, but it doesn’t give you the right to challenge the examiner’s decision.

However, if after submitting a Subject Access Request and receiving your data back, you believe:

  • a procedure wasn’t followed correctly;
  • there was bias or prejudice in the decision-making; or
  • the examiner has made a mistake.

you may be able to submit an appeal…

To do this you would need to go back to your school, college or university and ask for a copy of their appeals procedure.  This will give you guidance on your next steps….

Please leave any questions below for us and we will answer them as quickly as we can.

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